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Senior PHP Developer | Automotive

Do you want to enter the automotive industry as a PHP Developer? We offer you the opportunity!

Company Profile

In mid-2019, our client arose from a merger with a large lease company in the Netherlands.
It is a traditional family business with a solid track record in leasing, transport, and mobility. Their goal is to keep customers mobile in a smart, innovative, and sustainable way. They now have multiple labels and are in the top 10 leasing companies. At the moment there are 240 employees, of which about 20 developers, divided over 4 teams.

You will work in a scrum team of driven people with a passion for the product they make. In a biweekly sprint, they work on stories that are introduced by the product owner and which they develop together as a team. Because every developer has his own expertise, but at the same time features are integrated integrally, close and constructive collaboration within the team is extra important. The goal is to continuously improve the product, the team, and the individual. They do this by learning from each other and challenging each other.

Job Description

As a Developer you will work on the in-house developed, dynamic pricing platform. With this platform, a large set of product (car) data is managed and customers and website visitors can calculate their personal lease price in real-time. This landscape consists of a diverse landscape of challenging software projects that must be able to handle large amounts of data and be scalable towards the future. To realize this, they work with a stack consisting of: Node.js (in combination with Typescript), PHP (Symfony), and Java. All this runs in a Kubernetes cluster on Azure.

Within this role you will be given a lot of responsibility: you will take on new features in an integrated manner, and you will take the lead in the technical solution. You ensure that the quality of our software is guaranteed by looking critically at your own code, setting up and optimizing CI processes, and reviewing the code of colleagues.

Do you want to introduce new technologies? Do that! This is only encouraged. In addition to the above, you are also partly responsible for the functional implementation of the leasing platform. To do this, you immerse yourself in customer problems and actively contribute to devising smart solutions.

An example working day:

  • You are part of a SCRUM team, and sometimes work independently and sometimes in a team on new features.
  • You actively participate in refinements, in which you come up with solutions together with the team for problems that the customer (business) had not yet foreseen.
  • During the biweekly sprint planning, you and the team determine what you can tackle in the coming sprint.
  • You monitor the code quality, sustainability, and scalability of the projects.
  • You analyze and improve processes in which unexpected errors occur or which underperform.

Job Requirements

  • Extensive demonstrable experience as a backend developer: you are able to tackle features from A to Z completely independently
  • Several years of experience in PHP and TypeScript or Node.js
  • Experience with Git
  • Experience with microservices architecture
  • Teamplayer with a getting it done mentality; You go for "quick and dirty" if you have to, but only really sleep well again when everything is neatly solved

Experience with the following techniques is a plus:

  • Symfony framework
  • Elasticsearch/document stores and/or Java
  • Devops (Azure, terraform, k8s or Docker)
  • Front end development


A salary up to €80 - €85k on an annual basis depending on your experience, 30 vacation days, a contribution for your pension and a lot of freedom. Of course, you can also partly work from home! They only go to the office on Mondays! If you want to go 5 days, that's fine too

Are you the PHP Developer whom we are looking for, or do you have any questions? Sent an email to Jill Kranenburg at j.kranenburg@haystackpeople.nl or call 0630716577

Senior PHP Developer | Automotive
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