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Senior/Lead Smart Contract Engineer

Are you into finance, the decentralized kind? Are you a kick ass blockchain developer that knows how to develiver when it comes to complex smart contracts? Are you looking to work at company with extremely strong backing and that does something innovative in the space? Man have we got something for you.

The Company

Our client has been creating a brand new DeFi protocol for the past two years with a team of around 20 employees with some of the brightest minds in the space. With the founders of Polygon as advisors, big VC's backing the project and some very prominent angel investors, they're set to achieve great things.

So with great backing and great minds, what are they building you might ask? A decentralized lending and borrowing protocol and AMM. What does that mean? Do you know Compound and or Aave? (if you don't you should), they're creating something similar but even more decentralized and permissionless! While great, the problem with these older protocols, is that they're still relatively centralized. The likes of Compound and Aave could be seen as "old versions" of DeFi lending and borrowing.

They are creating a borrowing and lending protocol that doesn't need a centralized entity to decide which pairs are made, similar to Uniswap does with trading.

They are the first fully decentralized AMM based money market protocol. They're not using Oracles, it's permissionless, non-liquididatable, fixed maturity lending & borrowing protocol. It's lending and borrowing 3.0!

So what will you be working on?

You will be working on deploying the smart contracts on the mainnet and other EVM compatible blockchain. These are DeFi smart contracts with high level of complexities. You will be working with the founder of the protocol as well as 5 other blockchain engineers. You will be working on the smart contracts full time and be responsible for the contracts being sound and leading the other blockchain developers and mentoring where needed.

They are soon rolling out version 2 of their protocol and everything needs to go smoothly!

What do you bring?

Must haves:

• Minimum 12 months full time work experience in developing & deploying smart contracts
• Minimum 2 years’ experience on working with NodeJS
• Verifiable previous experience deploying smart contracts on Ethereum mainnet with code references
• Strong experience with the EVM and writing high-quality, well-tested Solidity code
• Basic understanding of DeFi applications & mechanism design with security first approach
• Familiarity with common smart contract frameworks (e.g. Hardhat / Brownie / OpenZeppelin) and security practises

Good to haves:

• Prior experience deploying any DeFi application
• Familiarity with GraphQL
• Familiarity with web3.js / ethers.js / Typescript / ELM / Alchemy or similar RPC Providers
• Familiarity in writing property-based tests for smart contracts
• Developing SDK/Developer utilities

The Perks

So what makes it even better, are the perks associated with this job.

  • Be part of the revolution that's called DeFi!
  • Work on a very promising idea with a great team.
  • Be an early team member, along with the appropriate token allocation, in a project you really want to get a token allocation.
  • A fully remote job.
  • Up to 240k yearly salary.
  • Be able to grow into any direction, stay Senior/Lead or you could grow into management or even CTO in the future.

Are you interested? Then respond via the application form or send your resume to Calling is always faster, you can do that on +31 (0)6 82 09 94 93

Senior/Lead Smart Contract Engineer
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