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Lead Full-stack Node.JS developer

AI is the next big thing and every company and person will need it in the future. So why not take the early step as an early adaptor? Read on to see what this company and vacancy is all about

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Company profile

Our client was founded not so long ago in July 2023 and consists of a team of experts who strongly believe in the power of AI in conjunction with existing software. Their mission is simple: to connect advanced AI models like ChatGPT with everyday software that businesses use. They aim for AI software not only to comprehend inquiries but also to genuinely perform complex tasks, such as booking an entire trip for a user. This is what lies ahead for all of us.

To give an example and more insight of their vision. Imagine a scenario where a travel agency utilizes this advanced AI application to enhance customer service and streamline their operations. With the integration of AI models like ChatGPT, customers can interact with the agency's website or app in a conversational manner. They can simply ask, "Find me a family-friendly vacation package to a tropical destination in December," and the AI would not only understand the request but also swiftly navigate through vast databases of travel options, pricing, and availability.

This AI-driven solution can go beyond comprehension; it can seamlessly execute complex tasks. In this example, the AI could not only provide recommendations based on preferences but also proceed to book the entire trip for the customer, handling flight reservations, hotel bookings, and even suggesting activities and restaurants at the chosen destination. The result is a significantly enhanced user experience, faster response times, and a more efficient booking process for the company.

By incorporating AI in this manner, businesses can offer a level of personalization and efficiency that was previously unattainable. This transformative technology has the potential to revolutionize industries by not only understanding customer needs but also taking proactive steps to meet those needs in real-time, thereby setting new standards for customer satisfaction and operational excellence. The future of AI-powered software promises an era of innovation and unprecedented capabilities for companies willing to embrace this revolutionary technology.

Job description

As a Senior Full-Stack Developer at our client's company, you will be the key figure in shaping the structure of their APIs. This role goes beyond regular development; you must have a deep understanding of system testing. Managing system tests is crucial because the software must seamlessly integrate into customers' software.

The software will enable any company to build its own AI version of software, much like a company can currently build a mobile version of its software. This means even complex tasks can be executed effortlessly by Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT. In this role, you will work closely with the CTO to refine and expand the MVP to make the software suitable for enterprise environments.


  • An experienced full-stack JavaScript developer with a focus on Node.js, as well as experience with React, Next.js, Typescript & JavaScript.
  • Experience and interest in Python and Machine Learning/AI are a significant plus.
  • Strong interest in infrastructure/devops, Kubernetes, and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Proficient understanding of agile principles.
  • Experience in scaling platforms and teams within a rapidly growing company.
  • Experience with an "API-first" approach.

Employment benefits:

  • Competitive salary ranging from €75,000 to €85,000.
  • Stock options (0.5% - 1%) to share in the company's success with the team.
  • The opportunity to be part of an inspiring environment alongside talented colleagues.
  • A lot of room for growth, learning, and making an impact in a growing startup.
  • 25 vacation days.
  • Hybrid way of working
  • 100% reimbursement of travel expenses.
  • 8% holiday pay.

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Lead Full-stack Node.JS developer
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