Head of Marketing Top Tier NFT Game

Are you an experienced marketeer that reads about NFT's and just totally gets it the potential and is looking for the right opportunity to ape in?

Look no further. We've got just the thing.

The Company

Late 2021 the Bored Ape Yacht Club took the world by storm. This phenomenon was being observed by the entire Web3 industry and some clever minds at The Sandbox decided to start their own project with the following goal.

Create a game with a online presence that will combine sports, lifestyle, gaming, NFT's and the Metaverse into one. Can you smell the opportunity?

Shortly after they launched their NFT collection which has sold uit and the current floor price on OpenSea is 1 ETH.

In addition to this they've succesfully raised 4.5 Million from a variety of investors of whom multiple word-class athletes.

And they're being endorsed by a basketball player that's on the cover of the most well known basketball game in the world.

Probably nothing?

The Job

Get this to the people, get it into the world, play the court of the world! It will be your playground and the foundation is in place to grow this project into the Chicago Bulls of the Metaverse.

Honestly, I don't get why you're still reading and haven't applied yet. But if you want to know some more details about the team size, the culture I get it. So keep reading please:)

Currently there are 9 people internally and 19 external to help build the game. The internal team consists of The Sandbox, Sony and Disney veterans. All these professionals get you bunch of experience to tap from.

Because this is Web3, everybody is learning and what better way for you to learn than from people that have ventured into the Metaverse just a little further.

In terms of culture it's a flat hierarchie and nobody's going to show you what to do and how to do it. Sure there are guidelines but they trust in your experience that you will get it done. So mix a entrepreneurial mindset with that of an athlete and then we're getting somewhere.

The Requirements

  • Previous experience leading and growing a team within a sports, lifestyle or entertainment brand.
  • Proven track record of executing on marketing campaigns
  • High attention to detail, excellent time management, and organizational skills
  • Community building experience on Discord, Twitter, ambassador programs, or other forms of grassroots efforts
  • Excellent communication, presentation and problem-solving skills, and able to work independently by influencing stakeholders at different level
  • Passion for blockchain technology, NFTs, and cryptocurrency
  • Ability to work under pressure in fast paced environment and industry
  • Previous experience in a startup is a plus

The Yield

  • A completely remote job
  • The coolest job of all your marketing friends
  • Salary up to 200k per year
  • A place at the table of the digital future
  • You'll need to explain it about 300 times to people until' they get what we work on but that's a burden we all live with

Interested and you want to know more? Good! Contact Arnold Janssen at or +31682099493

Head of Marketing Top Tier NFT Game
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