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Ever thought about moving into the blockchain + gaming industry? Good, keep reading. If you feel like there is no real quality in the games that are dominating that space currently? Good, keep reading. Are you afraid you'll lose your job if bitcoin crashes? Good, keep reading.

Spoiler alert: Our client won't. In fact they'll be building the dip.

The Company

They are currently making multiple games for the Chromia Blockchain. This ecosystem is tailor made for studio's to have simple go-to solution to build their blockchain games on. It also functions as a steam like environment for those games.

And they are building the flagship game: "My Neighbor Alice". Which is like Animal Crossing on the blockchain and their goal is to make this the game that will teach the world about the world of Crypto while playing a great game.

And they are also building another game, that's what you will be working on. And as a small spoiler: Foundation of the team and the game has been build by people that have worked on games like Assassin's Creed, Ghost Recon and Elden Ring.


In addition to this there's the culture

Everybody respects each other, there's no dictator in the teams that tells people what to do. Doing things together and respecting each other is deeply engrained within their values.

What it boils down to is that they're like a grown up private playground with the friendliest children and the parents all drive safe cars.

Sounds good right? Let us dive into what you're going to do!

The Job

We'll as an experienced producer, you should know this by heart. But just to check, here's what you're going to do:

  • Assess the current game production, plan, schedule and put together a roadmap ensuring the delivery on time and with the required quality
  • Implementing means to enhance the communication between team members
  • Organizing and optimizing the team workflow to ensure a simpler and clearer coordination
  • Identifying risks, issues and plan for mitigation in order to reduce impact on the content, schedule and/or quality
  • Ensuring to track the progress of the team and alignment with set out goals
  • Ensuring proper bug management (reports, priorities, etc.)
  • Conduct user research initiatives and ordering of Quality Assurance testing
  • Work on continuously improving workflows and collaboration in teams and help the team developing a culture of feedback and constant improvement
  • Assist CEO in identifying staffing needs and support in the recruitments of new team members.

Also get the first playable product out.

The Requirements

Well, it works if you've done all of the above. But still to make it more concrete, here's a nice list of things:

  • 3+ years of previous work experience in a Producer role within the video game industry
  • At least one full game project shipped
  • Team leader & team player: being able to collaborate with various people in a devteam
  • Knowledge of game production cycle and methodology
  • Experience of agile project management tools (Jira)
  • A passion for understanding players, player behaviour and player motivation
  • Great communication & reporting skills
  • A proactive approach and are willing to help out where needed

The Rewards!

This is where there's more fun!

You will get:

  • Something very cool to tell at parties.
  • You're also the coolest person in the room at parties when Bitcoin is in the green.
  • A job at the forefront of blockchain gaming!
  • A place in the history books of videogame history.
  • A completely remote job (so you must like your home office, but of course you can visit collegues if you want.)
  • A seriously good salary, we're looking for the best people and we pay accordingly (up to 100k)

Still reading? Great how about we schedule a videocall? You can apply here or send your cv to

Game Producer Web3
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