Art Director Minecraft of Web3

Have you ever envisioned an entire world but never had the opportunity to really create it? A "real" living breathing world where people interact and have fun together. Like Minecraft.

But let's say you can make your own ultimate version of Minecraft on the blockchain. Would that be interesting to you?

If so, this is the job for you.

The Company

They say you don't pick the company you work for but your "boss". On average people don't necessarily want to work at Tesla but they want to work for Elon Musk because his vision inspires. Maybe not the best example but you get my point. Different example then, would you rather work for Steve Jobs or Tim Cook? Same company different people;)

Same goes here. Because you'll be working with a 24 year old high-school dropout that made a small fortune with Minecraft servers (so he knows his Minecraft) that raised 12.5 million(!!) to build the Minecraft of Web3, and there's already a playable product.

Oh yes, this is not some grand vision or plan where we hope we make it. Nope, this is playable, in browsers and on mobile. And at the top they've had 150.000 players and it's completely free to play.

Also you don't need to own any expensive NFT's to be able to play it. This is for everybody and everything in this game is free to own. But you are free to buy it from other players ofcourse.

The reason why everything is free is because the founders of this company are gamers themselves and they share a common hate: Microtransactions, so there's none of those.

Pretty cool right? Only thing is, they've build this with 6 people(!!) and the game is growing, so is the team and that's why they are looking for you. Now what do they need you for?

The Job

Be the Director of all the Art.

You will put in place pipelines and processes to make sure that everything surrounding the art department is in place. And maybe make a hard decision here and there.

Currently there are 3 artists but they need guidance, they need mentoring, they need inspiring and they need growing.

They need their Steve Jobs, they need you.

But what would you need to be able to do?

Keep reading.

The Requirements

Alright first and foremost it's required that you've build a team from scratch before. Yes there's been a lot of money that has been raised but that doesn't mean it can be spend carelessly. The have quite a budget available for you (more on that later) that needs to be spend wisely.


  • You know how to build and scale the Art department.
  • You know all the tools: Unity, Maya/Blender, Photoshop etc. GIT is a very nice bonus but not a requirement.
  • You know how to create cohesion and consistency between all elements, UI, Branding, the website, models everything.

and most importantly.

  • You can handle your own, take responsibilities and make decision. It's called Art Director for a reason. Not "Ask-CEO-For-Art-Direction-Validation Directorer"

Seriously, if there's a Christmas theme coming up, don't ask how long and fluffy Santa's beard should be.

You figure it out. (hint: stubbles, let's disrupt Christmas)

Now, what's the ROI on this for you? Keep scrolling.

The Yield

Alright here we go:

  • Salary up to 250k per year.
  • The office is in Seattle, if you're in the Seattle area. Hybrid is the way to go. If you're not already in the Seattle area you can work remote for a year. You'd then need to decide if you want to move. We do help with relocation and have a nice package for this!
  • Equity + tokens
  • 5% contribution to your 401k
  • We'll pay your parking
  • Top tier Health Care plan for you and your family. Full dental, vision, hospital all that.

interested? Well you're still reading so my guess is you are. So don't hesitate to apply or reach out to Arnold Janssen at

Art Director Minecraft of Web3
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