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Lead Game Developer | NFT Gaming

Are you a experienced game developer that want's to make the step to Lead? Or are you a Lead Game Developer that has seen the challenges of Web2 and wants to venture in the wondrous world of Web3? Look no further. This is the job for you.

(btw this is not some point and click adventure, this is the good stuff)

The Company

You will be working for one of the biggest names within the blockchain gaming sphere (90 people in total). Our client has been in this space since 2012 and has no interest in leaving. They have multiple coins listed on the biggest exchange in the world to give an idea of what we're dealing with.

In 2019 they've made a blockchain that's tailor made for gaming, art and game developers to build their games on a sustainable and scalable way. Which also conveniently gives them the opportunity to become the leading platform in NFT games. Think Steam, but decentralized. To achieve this they need to have games and so they've acquired a studio and have multiple collaboration with other studio's to get games on the platform. One of these is going to be their flagship. An entire Metaverse which can be described as "Animal Crossing" on the blockchain.

That's where you come in.

The Job

First things first, the reason they are looking for someone new. Well that's because the first foundation of the game was made together with an external team. Slowly and steady the internal team grew and now we are at a pivotal point where the external team is being downscaled.

And to do succesfull downscaling we need a good leader for the game development and that might be you.

You'll work closely with the CPO, to guide the game in the direction of success. The company uses the cell-like structure of 3/5 people that work on different parts of the game. The cell usually consists of a blockchain dev, game dev's and a game-desiger and they report to you.

There's a couple of these cells and they are your orchestra. You're not required to play any instrument but you do need to understand them. Reason for that is that your goal is to make people grow and guide the engineers to the solution rather than fixing it for them.

Curious to hear what's required to get this job? Keep reading ser.

The Requirements

So here's what it takes!

  • 4+ years of experience as a Game Developer
  • You're a natural leader
  • You've at least shipped one title
  • You've preferably lead a team of game developers in an official role (but if you've done that off the record that works as well.)
  • Unity/C# has no secrets for you. (But Unreal works too)
  • You understand the fundamentals of game development so well you can explain it to my grandmother.
  • You feel Web3/Blockchain is a nice new technical frontier to explore.
  • Degree in Computer Science/Game Development.

The Yield

What we can give you:

Apart from ownership of one of the bigger game projects in Web3 right now?

Something very complicated to tell at parties. It will be like explaining facebook to people in 2004.

  • You're also the coolest person in the room at parties when Bitcoin is in the green.
  • A place in the videogame-history books
  • A completely remote job (so you must like your home office, but ofcourse you can visit collegues if you want.)
  • up to 90k per year.
  • A stable job in Crypto. Yes, stable. We don't care about Bitcoin's moodswings.

Interested and you want to know more? Good! Contact Samir Jouseiph at or +31682042936

Lead Game Developer | NFT Gaming
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